Marina is frequently commissioned for work, both privately & for high profile events. 

For ten years Marina’s equestrian sculptures were the most sought after prize in Irish Horse Racing.  Her distinctive Blue Troys  were awarded every year to the leading figures in the sport.

They were presented to the top horse, jockey, trainer, and owner as well as other prize categories. 

Past winners include jockeys Ruby Walsh, Barry Gerarghty, Mick Kinnane, Trainers Aiden O’Brien, Willie Mullins and John Oxx, owners like Princess Haya of Jordan, Michael O’Leary, and Film Director Jim Sheridan.    



Her sculptures hold pride of place in some of Horse Racings top yards. As Marina says, she has horses with all the top trainers in Ireland.

Below we can see Marina presenting to the legendary Irish trainer Aiden O'Brien and top Irish jockeys Nina Carbury & Ruby Walsh


Marina’s bronze sculptures have also been awarded at top sporting events.

This one off piece was commissioned for the World Young Rider Three day Event when it was staged for the first time in Northern Ireland. It was won by the top eventer Sherelle Duke.







Its not all about horses!
Marina was also commissioned to create a bronze sculpture of a greyhound for the Champion Stakes






If you are interested in commisioning Marina for work please get in contact via the contact page 

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